Individualized Programs

You are the number one priority. This is what customized training is really supposed to be all about. We take the next step and modify each exercise to be adjusted individually to your body.
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One on One Attentiveness

At Achieve Fitness our approach is constant assessment, modification, correction, and execution. All in the intimacy of a private facility. We are here to work with and help you.
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Trainers with Passion

Training is not our side gig. It’s not something we are into because it fits our schedule and pays the bills. This is our passion. We live for this and to see you make your goals.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

I cannot tell you how much Claudio has made a difference in my life. In the past several years, I have had both my knees and both hips replaced. Then, last January, I had a spinal fusion in my lower back. Claudio has helped me both before and after each surgery. He is able to customize a program for what I am able to do at any time. Now, we are working on just getting me stronger. I love that I cannot predict what we will do as Claudio continually challenges me with new and different exercises. Without his guidance, I cannot imagine being able to function as well as I do, including hiking and scuba diving. I am looking forward to playing golf again this spring as soon as I am cleared by my doctor. 

Vicki G.