About Achieve Fitness

An environment that is designed for you

About Us

Welcome to Achieve Fitness. Our environment has been specifically designed to redesign itself to you. Our number one priority is to ensure that your every expectation of attention to detail is met! We specialize in corrective exercise, proper movement mechanics, weight loss, quality of life improvement, mobility, pain management, and strength and conditioning. Our private and welcoming atmosphere is a breath of fresh air from the everyday chaos and monotony of normal gym settings and personalities. Our studio has been custom designed to cater towards even the most versatile of workout needs. Here at Achieve Fitness our team of trainers are well organized and educated, ready to collaborate together to facilitate you to setting and reaching your fitness goals. We are in this because we love what we do.  Ask any of our clients and they will tell you that it shows in every workout. 

We understand that true health and wellness come from improving the little functional gaps in life that hold us back. The best assessments of improving or reaching a goal aren’t always weight changes, but sometimes the little things we notice, like one’s ability to put a sock on without falling over, or  getting up from the couch without having to think about what is around you to hold on to. These are ways we improve our quality of life, and this is what Achieve Fitness is here to help you do.

At Achieve Fitness we are placing the focus back on health, wellness, and how you want to look and feel. Our mission is to bring you a training facility that isn’t just about curling weights. We are not about meeting deadlines for dropping as much as possible just to put it back on again next month. We are not about only assessing progress as moving a pin on a weight stack. We are here to educate you. We are looking to reconnect you to your body. We are here to unlock you. Let us break down the madness and over polluted industry of health and wellness and find the ideal strategies that are exclusive to you and your needs. Call for an appointment and you’ll understand what all our excitement is all about!

From The Owner Claudio Boni

My favorite aspect of this job is customizing and designing workouts that are specifically geared to getting my clients pain free and improving their quality of life. In my opinion, no one should have to train in pain. I see so many people plagued with injury and find themselves further irritating or worsening their condition by exercising on their own or follow magazine printed routines. Likewise when they take the time to research what they should be doing or eating, they find books and pages of marketed information, completely contradicting each other’s advices. There is too much media focus on biceps and tight cores and not enough exposure to the importance of joint mobility, diversified training, and quality nutrition. It shouldn’t have to be this frustrating for people to take care of themselves! With well-rounded programs and intelligent movement patterns, goals can and will be met.

Meet The Owner

Claudio Boni

img_claudioWith well over 10 years in the industry, Claudio Boni has been leading personal training teams and facilitating progressive and innovative workouts with his clients and staffs. Schooled at Quinnipiac University and nationally certified in several disciplines including mobility specialization, manual therapy and pain management, and strength and conditioning, Claudio’s thirst for educating himself and his peers in the body’s mechanics and amazing abilities never ends. In 2013, Claudio won the National Physique Committee’s title of Mr. Connecticut State Bodybuilding Champion and continued to excel and win additional competitions, furthering his passion for the human body, nutrition, and achieving goals. Although previously a competitor himself, Claudio’s main passion for training comes from working with non-athletic and “everyday” individuals. From business owners to teachers and everyone in between, whether fitness enthusiasts or beginners, working with diverse clientele is one of Claudio’s most enjoyable facets of this industry.

Achieve Fitness Team

Allie Sodins

Functional training in the flesh. Allie’s positive energy is second only to her love for fitness and attentiveness to service. With a background in exercise therapy, corrective exercise, and fitness competition, Allie has easily found a home at Achieve Fitness with her every growing wealth of wellness knowledge. She brightens the studio each and every day with her attention to detail, professionalism, and high energy. Her ongoing quest for knowledge about body mechanic, functional movement patterns, and wellness nutrition are evident with each client she works with. Her creativity has no end.


Marc Ross

Whether your goal is general fitness, reducing pain, healthy weight loss, or improving athletic performance, Marc seeks to provide a program that will be best fit for each individual. With studies from UCONN in Exercise Science and Nutrition, and a dedication to his own lifestyle of bodybuilding, passion about health and fitness has been a lifelong journey for Marc.


Ryan O’Hara

The man of many hats… and shoes. Ryan was easily welcomed to the Achieve Fitness staff and brings a large level of diversity, positivity, and functionality with him. Ryan impressed clients with his intensity and personality, as well as a background in nutrition, strength and conditioning, certifications in MMA Training, and Registered Yoga instructor.  It’s rare to find a trainer of his level that can motivate to such a high level, while still maintaining a genuine nature. Clients find his energy addictive and his workouts invigorating.


How We Can Help

We take the next step and modify each exercise to be adjusted individually to your body and custom tailored for your needs and goals.

One On One

With our direct one-on-one relationships we are modifying, catering and working directly with you to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Certified Trainers

Professionally certified and ready to go, we can help create a custom program to align to your fitness goals and needs. Remember, we are here for you!